OSCR urges charities to advertise their charitable status
30 November 2015

The Office for the Scottish Charities Regulator (OSCR) has produced a new logo to help charities advertise their charitable status correctly. All charities entered in the Scottish Charity Register have a duty to promote the charity's registration. Charities must state the following information on documents issued or signed on their behalf:

• the charity's name, as entered in the Register
• any other name by which the charity is commonly known
• the charity's Scottish Charity Number allocated to it at the time of registration (SC0xxxxx).

A registered charity whose name does not contain the word "charity" or "charitable" must also state on their documents the fact that it is a charity. This can be done in a number of ways including referring to themselves as a:

• charity
• charitable body
• registered charity
• charity registered in Scotland.

To help charities comply with this legal requirement, OSCR have produced an easy to use logo that will promote charitable status and encourage good practice.

Further details can be found on OSCR’s website.

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