Learning about your Community

Knowing as much as possible about your community is very important for any community group. The community may be your neighbourhood area, but it could just as likely be a wider geographic area or even a group of people with shared interests. Knowing all you can about that community will enable your group to:-

  • plan community consultation
  • plan services and activities
  • target potential volunteers or supporters
  • gather statistics to present to funders or other agencies
  • gather statistics to lobby councillors or politicians

There are a number of research resources available to help you compile information on your community and to help you set your findings into a wider context.  Your local Third Sector Interface organisation or the Planning and Development department of your local Council will be good places to start. They may be able to advise your group on the existing sources of information. Copies of your area’s Local Plan (available at libraries and Council offices) will give information about service and facility development plans for your area.

Community Profile

To pull together any research on the community that your group carries out, you may want to consider compiling (or commissioning) a community profile. This would typically include statistical data on:- 

  • people within the community - numbers within age ranges, gender
  • presence and types of existing facilities and service provision
  • demographic or environmental factors

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