Members are the people who share the overall aims and values of your community group. They are central to the successful running and continued development of your community group’s services or activities. Membership should be available to all, including people that use your community group’s services or activities, and people from the wider community.

Most community groups will have a clear two-tier volunteer membership outlined in their constitution or governing document. This will commonly consist of:-

  • General members
  • Committee members

General Members

Encouraging participation from general members helps to generate new ideas, challenge assumptions and ensure that your community group’s activities or services continue to remain relevant. Your members’ opinions and feedback can be essential to the development of new services or the continuous improvement of existing services. Involving service users in the strategic decision-making processes of your organisation as members, helps them to have more of a voice and control over their lives. Members can also help spread the word about your services, attract more users, raise awareness or influence policy-makers.

Committee Members

In most cases, committee members are elected, by and from, the general membership. Your group’s constitution should set out the voting rights for your membership, including how the committee’s members are to be nominated and elected. Your volunteer committee members are specifically responsible for the management of the community group, and they should always put the aims and objectives of the group first. They should include people with a mix of skills and experiences that will help them in their role (including the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer).

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