Development and Training

Recruiting staff (paid or unpaid) demands a substantial amount of investment from your group. After you have employment related policies in place and your staff in post, you will need to monitor their performance and ensure that employees (or volunteers) are supported with access to suitable training and development options. This will help you as an organization, to maximize on the benefits of having good staff, and it will help with the retention of staff.

Performance Management

To encourage the best from your staff, it is important that they have support and supervision. Performance Management should be a continual process comprising all the things you, as employers, can do to ensure that the employee is working effectively, and has all the support, training and development they need to perform in their role to the best of their ability.

Performance Management includes:

  • holding regular staff meetings
  • carrying out effective staff appraisals
  • having a commitment to listening and responding to the training and personal development needs of your staff.

For more information on the elements of successful Performance Management visit the ACAS website via the link under Further Sources of Information at the bottom of this page.  


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