Website Content

At the heart of any good website, there are four key elements:-

  • structure of the website
  • design of the website
  • layout of a webpage
  • content

Your website’s content is ultimately the key element that will encourage people to keep returning - so it is crucial to get it right.  

First and foremost, content must be easy to read:-

  • start with a page headline which summarises the information
  • use short sentences and paragraphs that focus on a single topic
  • remove excess words and only use specialist language if appropriate to your visitors
  • linked text should clearly indicate where the link goes or what it does

Equally important is the reassurance that your content is accurate and up to date:-

  • where possible make it clear when content was last updated or checked
  • cite references, and proof read content
  • set aside time once a week to update news

Where appropriate use images to make the content more engaging.  

If you have blogs or forums on your website you should appoint an administrator to monitor content to ensure content posted is relevant and in line with copyright regulations.

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