Committee Meetings

Your committee meetings should have a purpose and they need to be effective.  Think about what you hope to achieve or agree at each meeting, and make sure that all the committee members are well-prepared:-

  • an agenda is vital. It will ensure that important topics are not forgotten and it will help the committee to focus on the matters in hand
  • the agenda along with the minutes of the previous meeting and any other relevant papers should be circulated prior to the meeting to enable committee members to consider the issues and agenda items
  • make sure the meeting is properly chaired (usually by the chairperson/vice-chairperson but it could just as easily be any other nominated committee member). Whoever is chairing the meeting should decide on the allocation of time for each item on the agenda. Other members should recognise and support the chair's efforts to contain the meeting within a reasonable period of time; otherwise people may lose concentration and interest
  • always start on time.  If members are unable to attend (or if they intend to be late), they should send their apologies beforehand.
  • make sure that everyone is seated so that they can see, hear and participate properly. 
  • ensure that newcomers, guest speakers etc. are welcomed and introduced
  • if there is an important issue to discuss or a difficult decision to make, ensure that this is done adequately and not deferred, and that all members have their say 
  • ensure action points are clarified and those responsible for taking action are clear about action to be taken
  • make sure that the meeting is minuted, and that minutes are sent to everyone after the meeting. This is important so that everyone who was present has a record of who has agreed to do what, and to keep the people who were unable to attend up to date with things. 

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